Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College


Autumn 2018

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),

As you are aware we started this year off celebrating our best ever set of exam results. The significance of these was highlighted when the Department for Education publication in late October placed us in the “above average” category of schools and we are third in the borough of Croydon for students’ progress. This is a huge testament to our staff who work so hard to ensure students’ success. We have had a very busy first half of the term with lots of progress being made in lessons. Other activities have included our two open evenings; Welcome to KS3, 4 and 5 evenings and our Black Experience Celebration. Harvest was celebrated very successfully this year with many boxes going to the elderly in the area and to a food bank and we have had some delightful letters from recipients not just thanking us for the gifts of food but also commending the behaviour of the students who delivered them which is always lovely to hear. We would like to thank all the parents who attended and supported these events and we look forward to seeing some of you at the Winter Concert on Wednesday 12th December.

Contact details

Please can parents and carers notify the school immediately of any changes to contact details. Unfortunately we have had situations when a child has been taken seriously ill at school and we have been unable to contact anyone. If a signed note can be put in your child’s planner and taken to reception we will ensure that our records are updated. Also, if your child has a medical condition please ensure we are fully aware of this.

Bad weather

As we move into winter, it is essential that students travel to and from college suitably dressed. They should be wearing proper black, polishable shoes or black polishable boots (not suede or Ugg type) under trousers, but trousers should not be worn tucked into boots. Students should have a suitable plain black, red or white college coat. In very poor weather, they can wear wellingtons to and from college but should bring in shoes to change into during the day. It is also possible that, with the forecast of a bad winter, we may have to consider closing the college before the start of the college day. If this is the case, a text message will be sent to parents/carers, the website will be updated to this effect and the OpenCheck service ( will also be updated. If the weather deteriorates rapidly, we may have to close during the college day. Parents/carers are asked that, if there is a place they are happy for their child to go to in the event of an early closure they put this in their child’s planner in the “Personal details” section and sign the bottom of the page. Any student who does not have these details and a signature will be kept in college until we can contact parents/carers. I would stress that the decision to close will only be taken if it is absolutely necessary.

Christmas celebrations

Our annual Christmas Celebrations are taking place in St Oswald’s Church on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th December. It is a source of pride that the majority of students attend these services, whatever their faith or belief; this is a strength of our inclusive, supportive community, and a feature commented on by Ofsted. The choir provides us with inspiring music and many students contribute to the readings and drama performances. However, should you wish your child not to attend, you should write to her head of year outlining your reasons. She will need to bring a book to read as she will be supervised in the examination hall while her form group go to church.  This letter must be received by Friday 30th November 2018, as arrangements need to be put in place. No letters will be accepted after this date and students will therefore have to attend. For the first time ever we would like to extend an invitation for you to also attend. Space is limited so if you are interested in joining us please email for more details.


Please see the timetable of clubs that are currently taking place in college.  These do change over the year, especially the PE clubs - some of which will be seasonal. Your daughter is encouraged to attend these clubs. In addition, our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will be running study support for year 11 every Friday in ML7. This is a quiet space where students can study, revise or catch up with homework.


The college continues to monitor and follow up on students’ attendance and good attendance is directly linked to good outcomes. If your child is absent from the college then unless we have been informed we will message you to confirm that you are aware of this and ask for a reason. Holidays in term-time will not be authorised by the college and we hope that whenever possible students attend and are on time.

Parking outside the college

As the weather gets colder, more parents are inclined to collect their child from school. There is always congestion in Kensington Avenue around 15.00-15.30 but can I ask parents to please be patient and if possible arrange to meet your child away from this area and show consideration to the residents when parking.

Young person’s career event in London on INSET day 23rd November 2018

On Friday the  23rd and Saturday 24th November 2018 there is a careers event at the Excel Centre in London for students aged 15 -19. It is free to attend and features interactive, inspirational activities as well as demonstrations to help young people bridge the gap between what they enjoy doing and what they could potentially do as a career.

Multi Academy Trust update

In January 2018 the governors agreed to a proposal to look to form a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with Kensington Avenue Primary school. We ran a consultation with parents, staff and stakeholders that between  4th and 20th June 2018, including a consultation evening, and we received many useful comments, questions and suggestions. The proposal was submitted to the headteacher board in September and has now been approved by them so I am delighted to announce that we have been given permission to proceed by the Department for Education and we are now aiming to form the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) known as The Manor Trust, with a target date of the 1st February 2019 for its launch. There are still a variety of processes that have to be gone through, including operational and legal work; however, while we are moving a step closer there is still the option of withdrawing should any issues arise along the way. It should be stressed that we do not anticipate there being any significant changes to the appearance of the two schools, their uniforms, ethos or practice and parents and students should not notice the move; however the MAT will allow the two schools to formally work together to share good practice, develop cross phase working and collaborate on the support services that both schools use. We will keep you informed about our progress as we look forward to an exciting new phase in the development of both schools. However, as always, we welcome any questions or thoughts that you have that will enable us to ensure that any changes that are made are understood as easily as possible.

Important dates this term

I would be very grateful if you could particularly note our arrangements above for the church celebrations at the end of term.

Autumn term

  • Wednesday 12th December - Winter Concert 19.00
  • Monday 17th December - Christmas lunch (traditional turkey lunch and vegetarian roast for vegetarians)      
  • Friday 21st December - college closes at 12.00

Spring term

  • Monday 7th January - college reopens for students at 09.30     

Remember, you can follow us on Twitter @norburymanor to keep up-to-date with all our news. I would like to wish all our students and their families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Yours sincerely Mrs A Compton (Headteacher)

Summer 2018

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